What do all writers have in common?

Every writer has many writings, some of which are published, others which are not. Some written on paper napkins or bus tickets, others set out deliberately on A4 pages collated together, others remain unwritten, locked in the mind, or written into the air on larynx and lips. Of course, I am like every other writer in that sense. I write because I love to write, but also because I want to share my view of the world using these arbitrary symbols. I enjoy the challenge of pursuing eloquence as interpreted by thousands of other views of the world.

I remember participating as a guest in a Writer’s workshop when I was younger. I had written some poems which were accepted in an anthology, so the prize was to attend a writer’s workshop for a week on the isolated moors of west Yorkshire in England, UK. I read a poem I had written aloud and caused an uproar. It was a poem named ‘The Moment of Soul,’ an elegy to the miracle of being able to live right in the centre of the moment. There were about 25 writers in the audience, and when I’d finished, I found that about half of them hated it berating it as ‘sentimental,’ etc; while the other half adored it, applauding me as a genius. Unlike some of my supporters, I was delighted to have such a mixed response. When asked how I could possibly be ‘delighted’ I said I was thrilled to have got a response from another mind, be it good or bad. In  other words, they were witnessing the contents of my mind and reacting in line with their own.


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