Serializing Easy-Happy-Sexy

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I have recently published a novel called ‘Easy-Happy-Sexy’ (2013, Strategic Books) which was inspired by my personal experience of living with a group of Australian aboriginals. This work is not only a story and allegory, but contains indigenous wisdom, which I would like to tease out a little in a serialization starting today. I hope this will encourage questions and comments from readers too so that ValidLit becomes an interactive site.

indigenous wisdom

I plan to quote manageable portions of the text, which will be compatible with mobile devices and small screens so that you can take in a morsel of indigenous wisdom on the go. Of course, if you prefer to read the paper version it is available at Amazon (see the video trailer at : t It will soon be released as an ebook too. This serialization will eventually be available in card form for purchase on this site, so that you can make a collection of cards as the story unfolds.

The story itself is simple, but the desert way of seeing life is unusual to modern people, so I would like to comment on it and make it more accessible. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to explain in simple terms to those uninitiated in ancient wisdom, the insight into existence that those who fight for their daily survival in a harsh environment develop.

There is an introduction to the story which reveals the desert world through the eyes of a modern person, the caretaker who is an anthropologist.

Here is MOMENT 1:1  Caretaker (26th March, 2014)



I have been looking out of the fly screen all afternoon, and all morning, in no particular order. Outside it is bright and still. Now,there is no-one but me remaining here at the settlement.

I have no compulsion to do anything, neither to think nor to plan. But there is no sense of being in limbo, or bored out of my mind, either. I am suspended. I am awake.

It might seem on first sight that I am a kind of white wild man, caked in red mud, squatting in a hut in remote Desert scrubland. Ninija and her People always call us ‘white fella ghost.’ You may also think that I am trapped here in the Desert, just like lumaluma was. ‘lumaluma?’ This is another strange name the Desert People have for us white skins, but especially those who exploit ninija and her People.

Actually, roughly translated it means ‘money-money’ in their ancient tongue. However, ‘wild white man’ or ‘lumaluma,’ neither label applies to me, as you will see from ninija’s story which follows. In fact, very far from it.

luma luma

luma luma

Ninija and her People all left the settlement some time and Day before ‘right now’ and ‘right here.’ I cannot determine exactly which Day. However, I can tell you it was the end of the Wet season – this is the time in Australia when the Rains pour so much that the Lands are suddenly flooded. Even huge Trees and Rock formations are submerged.

Then, quite suddenly too, the flood Waters recede and the heat starts to build up like a furnace again. As I say, there are no humans here now, so no need for outbound words or inbound thoughts, not that I have any desire to make any………………………

the wet

the wet

Join me tomorrow for – MOMENT 1:2 – history (27th March, 2014)…………

Ninija became my spirit guide over 20 years ago. She is with me still. I am the caretaker you guessed! So, the genre of this writing is ‘creative non-fiction.’


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