Moment 2: caretaker’s history


coarse fabric

Once upon a time, my inner life used to be made entirely of a coarse fabric of such words and thoughts ‘back there’ and ‘back then.’ Nowadays however, they are mostly unnecessary.  Now I feel smooth and silky inside.

You may be wondering what these strange terms like ‘right here’ and ‘back then’ I’m using are?  In these Lands especially, spoken words have very little value, so perhaps it’s more effective to just sit back and listen with your heart, not your head. Now, I have absolutely no doubt at all, that opening our hearts without judgement is preferable to opening our mouths willy-nilly.

Today, I decided to come inside this shack to get my very last experience of being in ‘white-fella’ Lands before I leave. I really should explain this key phrase ‘The Lands’ though. It is so vital to life out here in the Desert.

the Lands

the Lands

‘The Lands’ is the term used by ninija to represent the physical country which belongs to their People, and also their psychological or spiritual dimension. Both of these consist of stories, legends and the tribal laws. ‘The Lands’ having other dimensions apart from the physical Earth may seem strange at first, but ninija’s story will explain this beautifully. She officially put it into my safe-keeping when Moon was full just before she departed, ready for you to read.

So, I am standing behind the Fly screen inside this clammy ‘dog-box,’ as these temporary shelters of concrete and tin are called, for the very last time. I recall vaguely how it used to be home to me. You see, as I mentioned, in ninija’s ‘Lands’ there are stories everywhere, even on the horizon. And the Skies are filled with songs. It’s hard to imagine I know, and I also had trouble understanding it at first, but ninija’s story will make it really clear to you.

songs in the skies

The other amazing thing is that, as I mentioned earlier, here it is possible to stay always right in the centre of the moment, in ‘the right here’ and ‘the right now’ as ninija refers to them.

I can illustrate this by asking you to close your eyes for a moment and try to keep your mind still and empty. Probably quite soon, some thought will appear without you doing anything. Probably it’s a thought about the future, maybe a worry or fear you have about something that’s going to happen. Or about the past, something you regret or long for but can no longer reach. But here in the Lands there is no future, and no past, so such unbidden thoughts don’t exist.

In fact, in ninija’s Lands, bizarre as it may sound, it is possible to take up our rightful place in the Universe. By doing this, we can become truly and lastingly happy. This is something I never dreamed was possible, but I’ll let ninija tell you about that in her own way. It’s no good talking about it in ‘white fella’ way. It has to touch the hearts of each of you who read from her lips directly.

Wisdom Tip!

To explain a little more, the ‘here’ and the ‘now’ are how ninija and her people live. They don’t have any concept of time or space. They don’t think or speculate in the same way we do. To them there is no future and no past only ‘now,’ so they are able to be completely present at all times. They believe that the Creator Heroes created the Lands by singing their stories, so everywhere there are stories and songs. By being in the Lands and learning and singing the stories and the songs, you will be able to realise your special mission in human life which fits in with everyone else’s mission to make the Universe happy. If the Universe is happy, then so are we humans and creatures.




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