Moment 10: handing the story over


Ninija! It is not that I have ever spent quantifiable time with her. Time spent with someone can often be a measure of their influence, but we have no use for such measures in the desert. She was both accepting of me and at the same time kept her distance. There was actually no need for the long talks I craved with her when I first arrived. Rifca clearly was more enlightened, remaining silent and getting on with the practical preparations for the departure.

tribal stories

When I first arrived in the desert without fail I had my latest observations ready for the area warden to come to collect on a pre-arranged day once a month. When the document was safely locked in the dispatch box he or she would volley the giant land-cruiser to meet a Doctor’s plane to take my package to the mail. Deadlines were no trouble in those days. I was accustomed to writing up my field book daily, but gradually, I lost track of the days. I no longer remembered if I had entered my daily notes. In the end, my package was not ready for the appointed collection day.

Eventually I told the warden not to bother coming anymore as I had nothing else to send. He was confused, insisting that his contract was for a further year. But I insisted that it was a waste of time. After that he came once more on the appointed day to deposit various official letters which I never opened. They were probably bold demands for ‘goods paid for’ from FIP. I stacked them away with my notes, and they have eventually joined the rubbish heaps outside.

traditional landowner

As I slowly assembled the collage of ninija’s story, I began to smile at Ninija’s utter commitment to global balance and peace. My heart opened wide at her wisdom and cosmic authority. I was ready to hear and accept her wisdom. It was at this time, as her scribe, that I really understood more about why she was the most spiritually evolved of her tribe. I sat back and relished images of millions of copies of her vision being devoured by my lost but arrogant people. The Great Mother indeed provided abundantly. My last sheet of paper, my last droplet of ink, has brought me to the story’s end.

I also told her of my strong belief that my People had learned how to be transformed by receiving the written word through their eyes. That it had the power to reach directly into their dreams and unconscious minds, so she often gave me dreams and visions. I must have scribbled them in a trance state, coming upon them later and reading their rich imagery delightedly for the first time.

Dreaming visions

Before the Desert and ninija I was a human camera. I was an archivist, and a repository for captions. ‘Say it. See it. Say it. See it. Check it. Now prove it!’ After arriving here, I soon stopped looking and listened instead, and so slid into my rightful place. Now, if I stop listening to the Universe for an instant, ninija strides into to my mind and elbows me roughly in the ribs. She strictly guides me away from the needy eye, and from the very needy ‘I’ of my ego.

desert sundown

Look! As Sun finally goes down, the warden is coming. I can see her silver goose skimming the red Earth. The enormous dust mushrooms she is creating are fragmented a million times by the fly screen mesh. She is on her way to make the final collection from me. She is no longer employed by the University Congress, but instead by me personally. I have arranged to give her my very last store of money and some precious stones, diamonds and amethyst donated by ninija from her Caves, in exchange for taking her finished story to trustworthy contacts in Melbourne. They will then get it to an agent for publishing.

firesThis is the final thing which keeps me here at the deserted settlement. Once I have handed the manuscript over, that’s it! There will be no corrections. No critique. No rewrites. No editorial whims. That is it. I will not be at the end of a telephone to negotiate this and that, a capital letter here, a new paragraph there. That piece of white fella’s business completed, I will set off in the same direction as the tribe went, through the Buga Hills. I will vigilantly watch for ninija’s Fires, and make my own to let her know everything is accomplished. In this way, she will guide me to her and I will be with her forever.

Here is the glossary I promised. Hopefully it will provide more explanation of some of the terms and beliefs prevalent among ninija and her people, and outline some of the Dreaming stories which ninija and gina tell. Ninija was adamant that I ensure that everyone who reads her story will understand deep in their hearts. This is her greatest wish.

Wisdom Tip: Ninija with her great spiritual powers can lead the caretaker towards wisdom  and regaining ancient skills lost in modern life. Before he met Ninija, he was a skeptic who needed proof for everything, but now, he has experienced the invisible world and put aside his limited human mind. Ninija’s story must be told to the world, so that it is realised that ancient wisdom developed in close relationship with Nature is far superior to logic and such mental skills. He will follow Ninija and her people into the Dreaming Lands outside the human concepts of time and space, for eternity.





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