poems for world peace: July 2014

blue moonlight

peace lanterns and priestess


the sunset wheels on purple-grey clouds

a passionate backcloth for your vermillion robes

the white stole at your neck a pure pivot

between earth and heaven

uniting the eight million gods in a woman


you stand on a raised platform above the beach

looking out into the ocean of oceans, the Pacific

having blessed all the lanterns with your eyes

and the touch of your dedicated life,

inscribed prayers the only fuel for their voyages


the principal lantern for your masters – father and mother

your two brother-envoys to the invisible world

fitting scrolled and quite tall ships

have been carried down to the jetty

loaded on to the waiting boat afloat with purple priests


they are on their way as you watch

strength of spiritual current never wavering

bobbing lights populating your wide arteries

connections back to the Buddha through the stream

culminate across your clavicle


at the water’s edge, clustered around the bay curve,

a million other vessels await your signal

their cargo lit prayers and messages

teary smiles and ‘aloha’ have moistened their glyphs

the hopes of the furtherance of ancestral lines are ready to sail


ancestors-to-be wade in to the topside of the ocean

to smoothly launch their energies into the underside of existence

you charge prayers and hopes with your power

still vivid with proper and determined concentration


your singular and spacious container a sanctuary

for the fretted lives and benefit of all spirits

without exception


chanting bell



I can get closer with the words

you give which touch my heart

not human words of sinew or teeth

but words from the invisible world

effortless and coursing through the air


I can use my hands to catch the words

with my mudra on open pipe in my lap.

They are not only words for ears

but for eyes of my heart, for my line.

Essential words, no waste, not one excess


The words are a sign from the Buddha.

They say the way to polish my original nature

which has become tarnished with excess

and distorted by the devilish ego

my shortcomings, my blindnesses.


There is a bell which rings my tune

rings my connection to the spiritual current.

It sounds easily making me smile.

But my mission, you spell out for me,

is to enable it to ring not just for pleasure

but to execute a continual shine.


I am indeed close with your words.

I vow to keep the bell of my mind

vibrating with my grace and unceasing

attention to the divine.

Even though it may be broken or tilted,

the beater having rolled out of sight,

I must forever vibrate with my heart of goodness.