walks me

seaside mission

the narrow reef of sand walks me
some feet led into moist gravel
a head turning to look out and in to sea

energy accretes like the coral fragments
discarded skin and bones laid down
since the divine era

the mission walks into the feet occupied recently
but nothing else is needed

someone looks for a gift for priestly wife
immediately locating a freckled coral biscuit
in an indisputable heart




4 thoughts on “walks me

  1. Tokuko says:

    Linden. Is your mail adress still avarable? I couldn’t contact you.

    Recently I feel my writing become weak. I need your help. I miss you.

    • lindenthorp says:

      Tokudo, my dear, I’m so sorry not to have been in touch since Hawaii. I’ve been so busy with new courses and deadlines. please forgive me. I’m here and Ai will look at your draft today, I promise. If you have changed it since the last draft please send it to me again at gmail. If not, I’ll use the copy you sent me in the summer.

      So sorry. I’ve missed you. Hope your job and everything is going well!

      Speak soon
      With love

      • Tokuko says:

        Linden. Glad to hear from you! Pleas use the last draft I sent you in summer. That one is I already rewrote one.

        I hope your work is going well too. We should work together again.


      • lindenthorp says:

        Will do. Glad we’re going to work together again. iT’s time, and perhaps you needed a break to settle into your new life. bUt now on to the bigger mission.
        I’ll edit your essay today.


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