Soul Management: you are a candle

Soul Management


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Soul Management: Lovingkindness

You are Lovingkindness. So just let it be!

Soul Management

LovingKindness is not something that religious

and spiritual traditions have created or generated!

It is the original essence of our green planet,

eternal and interstellar. And we humans have

evolved exactly to activate it with our thoughts,

actions and deeds. That is the unique talent of

human consciousness.

LovingKindness is the fragrance of the flame

of divinity which we can each kindle with our

wisdom, especially at this time of disintegration

and division of our societies. Each flame is

different and essential to the completed glow

of full harmony and happiness.

LovingKindness is our human right both to give

and receive. So, during the day ahead, let these

words stay with you in all your encounters.

Extend LovingKindness to yourself as well

as others, the planet beneath your feet and

the air above your head.

You are LovingKindness. So be it.

Images courtesy of Megapixyl:
Sensing Energy…

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Soul Management: the Djang

Soul Management

We are born from the body of our mother,

we grow steadily, get old and then we die.  

This is the natural way for all things in the

material world. This is the nature of all materials

– they appear and they disappear.

Death is a terrifying thought for most of us

because we become so attached to the material

world.  We spend all our energy identifying with

everything that is visible,

holding on to it literally for dear life

We know we are going to age and die

but we desperately struggle against losing

such a precious thing as human life.  

This is the modern materialistic life,

addicted to everything visible,

everything possessable;

obsessed with status, reputation and wealth. 

We have turned our backs on the universe,

plundering and raping the planet without a care.

We have stopped listening because our eyes have

become so…

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Episode 1: What exactly is true nature?

True Nature: our supreme inheritance


True nature?  I hope you are curious about this phrase.  Does it mean that you are doing something that offends others but you cannot control it?  That something etched into your character is unchangeable but others wished you would change it? Is it a kind of get-out clause when the going gets rough….’Ah well, it’s in my nature, etc?’

The word nature has many connotations:

something natural and therefore wholesome?

being at ease in any situation, staying calm and always being in control?

showing your shortcomings in public and feeling overwhelming disapproval?

Good natured? Bad natured?

Mother Nature and the Universe?

And so on……

But here I’m talking about something quite magical. So let me start off by telling you a little story.  Stories always help because you become a child when you listen and the story magic works on your

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Soul Management: acceptance

Soul Management

Let “day” go by today without measuring or judging,

without trying to pin down your feelings in

the cement of desperation,

without creating a foreground and

background to your thoughts.

Enjoy being vague and smiling

quietly among the flowers.

Let this interval illuminated by the sunlight

and fluff of clouds flow around you like a

wide turquoise river as you listen with all

your swimming being to the voiceless

voices of the universe; opinions and assertions,

evidence and acknowledgements are consigned,

dead in their tracks,

to the dry banks.

Let the interval illuminated by the moonlight

flow around you like a silver ocean pathway

warming and turning you,

the deep baritone of the planet merging and

moving goodness and the divine in and out

on your privileged breath, and through the

countless pores of your skin.

Let us immerse ourselves in unconditional

acceptance like joking dolphins

always one with…

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The sound of Understanding

Soul Management

‘Understanding’ in its original sense was not something

we did visually but rather by listening.  Sadly, we have

mostly stopped listening except to cyber-babble and

the sound of our own voices. 

To be able to listen unconditionally, without reacting,

without judging or objecting…….to listen to everything

from our hearts like the flickering of a light………

and to become that sound we are listening to.…….

is the greatest skill of all.

The visual is always bounded by frames, by screens,

by edges……but the auditory truly has no bounds.

So, lightly close your eyes and listen out into

the infinity of the field of all awareness.

Sound has no beginning and no end.  

We cannot interfere with it, conceptualize it or

analyze it.  

Like light, it is concrete, complete, a constituent

of the heart. 

Listen to the voices of those you encounter today

with the…

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Soul Management: just be!

just be, fully, here and now, eternal.

Soul Management

Spend moments during the day ahead

remembering that you are a

crucial brushstroke

in the masterpiece of all life.

Only you can do what you do, be as you be,

smile as you smile,

breathe borrowed breath in the way that

your unique body breathes it.

Only you can embody the pure unconditional

energy of love the way you do.

So, be fully, now and here, eternally.

images courtesy of
1. Heart care –
2. Colourful Bhutanese art of Tibetan dragon painting –
3. Elephant’s Love –

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