The Laughing of Flowers.

It is said that beautiful flowers and trees are Nature laughing.  This stunning painting by

Mariko Kinoshita, my partner-artist, really exemplifies this notion.  The flowers jump

straight into your heart as you gaze on the cozy rural dwellings made of stone, a material

which is unusable in Kinoshita’s native earthquake-ridden Japan, and accompanied by an

abundance of giggling trees.  She has elevated the blue river which appears to be watering

the flowers and in turn lifts us high into the sky where we can all laugh together. 

In the spiritual plan of things and perhaps in our dream-states, we strongly detect our

closeness to nature and the universe, and through this on to our origins in the invisible and

impermanent world.  It is the mystical order in this painting that touches and transports

us to that fullness of joy which we all have free access to if we choose.

Kinoshita’s Shinto spirit (Shinto, or the ‘Way of the Gods,’ the state religion of Japan

from 500 BCE until 1945) pervades this painting: the conviction that everything and everyone

has a spirit, invisible to the physical eyes, and worthy of full veneration and respect.



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