The Woman in the Fifth: the erotic is a message from our true nature

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The erotic burns images into our soul.

Or does it simply mirror them? 

This may happen at an unexpected moment when an image, word or sound ignites a deep feeling completely out of the blue. It takes us by utter surprise, the body reacts without the mind’s interference, and we just know it is a pure and ancient event.

It is like falling in love with a stranger or recognizing our life-partner or a relationship from another lifetime or dimension. It is a moment when real sincerity burgeons and we make contact with ourselves outside the restrictions of social structure and norm, beyond all the layers. This is our true nature. 

It is feminine, yielding, at peace naturally. It is sad and shocking that in a ‘developed’ world dominated by masculinity and competition the erotic has become enmeshed with sex and pornography, the materialism of human feelings, when Eros is the god of true love, of the coming together of two souls. 

Strong feelings often lead to demonstrative behavior – standing up and shouting, murder, betrayal, the giving of oneself totally, suicide – but so what? Why is the human body and its ability to merge with another so shocking? It is reduced to an object by the constant witness that polices the intellect, arm in arm with the Law and Organized Religion.

Suddenly an apparition in a film brings tears to my eyes, my throat tightens and my heart beats rapidly. I cannot believe it is me shedding tears watching a screen in a comfortable seat. 


A middle-aged widow dressed in chic Chanel black, hair coiffured immaculate, stocking-seams straight, sipping at champagne, and behind her the heals of the Eiffel tower. A man she does not know walks towards her to look at the view, and at her. He gets closer and they strike up conversation briefly, he lighting her gold-filtered cigarette though he doesn’t smoke. Then she gives him her card with long coral-lacquered fingernails and tells him to ring her any time after 5:00. 

He is mesmerised and so are we as we watch. We know nothing of either of their stories except their suffering and isolation which has attracted them to each other. His visitor status in Paris is nil – living in a filthy cheap hotel, all his possessions stolen from him while he slept on a bus, forced to work for his keep as a night-watchman. His whole purpose is to see his young daughter again after her mother has brought a restraining order against him, so he writes a perpetual letter to her and stalks her waiting in the shadows of her kindergarten. 

One day he takes up the chic woman’s invitationRoles are immediately reversed and she makes all the moves in the hallway, dangling kisses which disintegrate him, undressing him, confronting his habitual domination and taking him. She holds him back with the force-field of her eyes while revealing his erect flesh to the brush of her lips, unconditionally releasing his pent-up seed and afterwards bathing him lovingly. 

There are neither questions nor answers, no parameters based on time or space and social conditioning is a priceless vase dropped on marble from a great height

Two foreign angels are released from their tight protein ropes in the City of Light. They allow each other to fully embody their divine essence in the dark apartment and all the synthetic layers, the spots and spores of differentness planted by urbanization, drop away. 

They are both Greek gods of love like Eros but they can walk around among us.


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