Soul Management: Lovingkindness

You are Lovingkindness. So just let it be!

Soul Management

LovingKindness is not something that religious

and spiritual traditions have created or generated!

It is the original essence of our green planet,

eternal and interstellar. And we humans have

evolved exactly to activate it with our thoughts,

actions and deeds. That is the unique talent of

human consciousness.

LovingKindness is the fragrance of the flame

of divinity which we can each kindle with our

wisdom, especially at this time of disintegration

and division of our societies. Each flame is

different and essential to the completed glow

of full harmony and happiness.

LovingKindness is our human right both to give

and receive. So, during the day ahead, let these

words stay with you in all your encounters.

Extend LovingKindness to yourself as well

as others, the planet beneath your feet and

the air above your head.

You are LovingKindness. So be it.

Images courtesy of Megapixyl:
Sensing Energy…

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