Soul Management: let go!

Soul Management

There may be only a few moments in your life

when you have felt incredible depth,

or moved by something inexplicable,

a strong sense or intuition or passion,

love, unconsolable sadness, the impact of death

……all without any effort.

This is when you are truly aware

of the vast invisible world.  

Then afterwards, you have gone back to sleep

again and perhaps felt betrayed, deluded or isolated.

But in such moments you have stepped beyond

the confines or time or space where there is no

past or future, no limit or edges.

We are not in control at such magnificent moments!

We let go and fall into a place of magic where

anything is possible.

You can find those moments constantly

and consistently if you remember the ‘other,

the ‘That,‘ the inside becoming the outside

and vice versa. Only meditation and prayer

will allow you to…

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