‘Ecstasy’ or ‘Instasy:’ a word which can liberate




‘Ecstasy.’ This word in English is very beautiful, weighty, elegant.  But like many English words because of extended use across many Englishes, the meaning has changed. The original via Greek and French means ‘standing outside oneself.’

One way to interpret this is that if we stand outside ourselves, we are in ecstasy. How can this be?

The self is constructed and dominated by the Mind, by the intellect.  This constitutes a kind of prison that we agree to be incarcerated in because of deep fear of the unknown; and so we comply with being separated from everything around us.  In fact, we agree to a tyranny of mere interpretations of reality. 




Actually, being in ecstasy gives us a perfect opportunity to stand inside reality for perhaps the first time. Then we are in our true centre inhabiting our true nature and true happiness and freedom are certain!  Ecstasy is stepping beyond the manmade concepts of ‘time’ and ‘space.’ 

I make sure I spend as much time as possible in ecstasy during each moment! This is especially so when I am writing, creating something or held in the tender embrace of sublime music. 

Be ecstatic!  Stand outside yourself as often as you can!






Images courtesy of Megapixl.com: licenses at lindenthorp@gmail.com



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