Soul Management

Point 1, the 3 Preliminaries of Atisha’s 7 Points of Mind Training, has been covered in the last 3 posts: They are as follows:

1. You are Truth: (https;//

2. Mind is a Barrier: (

3. No-mind is the Door:(

Keep them close to you in your heart. They prepare you for the other 6 main points.


Point 2:

Think that all phenomena are like dreams.

Anything that is observed or perceived to happen is a beautiful or nightmarish dream. It flows past you like a fast-running stream of energy, like a film loop which never stops. But it is not reality.


This is a very powerful way to live because the moment you contemplate in this way, you realize that you too, the contemplator, are a mere dream.

If the object of perception is a dream, then the perceiver must also be…

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