Soul Management: 7th and Final Point of Atisha’s 7 Point Mind Training

Soul Management

1. Preliminaries

a) You are truth

b) Mind is Barrier

c) No-mind is the Door

2.  Think that all Phenomena are like Dreams

3.  Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

4. Let the Remedy Itself Go Free on Its Own

5.  Settle in the Nature of Basic Cognition, the essence.  Relax.  Do nothing.

6. Between Sessions consider Phenomena as Phantoms

7.  Train in joining, sending and taking together: Do this by riding the Breath.

Now through all the six stages we have an experience of emptiness however briefly. The Mind is tamed momentarily and put aside so that it can be used as a safe and clear bridge out into awareness.  Once the mind is quiet, the heart can be opened. Now compassion, our essence, can start to work.  It can be observed to activate through the breathing, the essential for existence in the world of…

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