Out of Sight!

Soul Management

We cannot know what is out of sight, what is invisible, with our intellect! How often do we say the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind?’ This breeds fear and clinging to what (we think) we ‘know.’

A child of the developed world cries when its parent leaves the room or covers its eyes with a blanket.  It truly believes that their source of food and love has been removed, forever.  Humans are conditioned to incarcerate themselves with their feet firmly in the visible, in the realm of evidence and proof, in measuring and assessing, slashing their way through the jungles of scrutiny and speculation. But this is all pointless and absurd.

There is so much more if we choose not to incarcerate ourselves.

The most important thing of all to build into our choices of how to be in human life is that our…

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