Making Titans: interfering even with the gods!



What has Science come to? Where are the so-called doyens of our civilization leading us?  In the evolution of the human species during the last 30,000 years can we really believe that using the fruits of our creativity in the form of technology and medical advances to change everything that is natural is our true direction?

The list of how we have ‘interfered’ on so many counts is long! We have exploited the Earth with our lust and greed until it is showing strong signs of extinction. We have hypnotized members of mass societies so that their true nature is buried so deeply that they become their status, the economic situation and their social masks are like ingrown toenails impossible to remove. Homogenized bureaucrats and those receiving education have sewn their qualifications earned by dubious means into their flesh. But to top it all, we are starting to meddle in nature’s products by using invasive surgery and transformational therapy. 

In the film which illegally coins the eponym ‘The Titan’ (2018), humans ruin the paradise Earth and then prepare to abandon it to live on the planet of Titan which offers a similar paradise. However, Earthlings are not adapted to live in its gaseous and flooded conditions, so scientists set about selecting humans of outstanding endurance to ‘adapt.’ The adaptation consists of transforming most of their human functions especially the way they see by surgical blinding and implanting feline retinas and corneas.

This concept though alluring, and fascinating, is highly flawed and negatively influential especially for younger generations who thrive on staples of computer graphics, avatars and animation. The arrogance of the human mind in full flood systematically washes away all that is natural in favour of home-grown beings of their own creation and leads us to quite rightly label modern humans as ‘conquering aliens’ for the good of the progress and evolution of their race, they think.  We, humans, are portrayed as being a truly invasive species, plundering and laying waste until we get what our minds want. The portrayal, sad to say, is accurate especially for the wealthy ‘educated’ sections of the world.

Earth is undeniably a unique paradise made even more paradisical by our human presence and our extraordinary abilities to express our divine spark of Love.  You only have to look at the lives of indigenous peoples living in a traditional way and their utter respect for the Earth and their mother ‘Nature,’ to realise that modern civilisation is careering off course driven by power-crazed monsters who care nothing for our origins as a species and have bungled the divine into the trunk of their vehicle!  Yes, we can look at the facts of evolution and trace our physical development culminating in the zenith of our miraculous bodies, but when we look at the spiritual aspects, it is difficult to see any evolution.  This is precisely because the human mind has taken over and smashed the sacred into smithereens in favour of the secular gods of money, Coca-cola, Levis and the Olympic games.  The reality is that our birth and adaptation to Earth is both our origin and our destiny.  The flame of our special existence is divine and created by natural forces, but the hurricanes and cyclones are blowing out that flame, the desert sands burying our true nature and origin ever more deeply. 

What is our true nature?  It perhaps is so submerged that the only way we can get in touch with it is through meditation and other transcendent means such as the re-educative techniques of F.M.Alexander and Moshe Feldenkrais and via the insights of great spiritual visionaries such as Buddha, Lao Tzu, Gandhi, Osho, Krishnamurti and a few others.  They all directed us away from foraging outside to acquire and possess, to visibly prove ourselves and desperately seek approval and fame, to create and then rightfully, in our deluded minds, destroy our creations with the sweep of an arm. Instead, a 180-degree turn inside is deemed necessary to side-step the heavy modifications of conditioning and indoctrination, to fling off the encasements and costumes issued to us by bogus leaders and embody our true and individual nature.

We naked miraculous human beings are the only Titans here and now moving around our home Earth which we must not abandon. We are not mythical giants of Bible lands leaving trails of destruction and fear in our wake.  But we are truly the gods and buddhas that we have come to raise up on to pedestals in erroneous acts of sanctification. We, each one of us, are the good titans when we embody our true nature and live here in our peaceful harmonic paradise of Earth.





5 thoughts on “Making Titans: interfering even with the gods!

  1. new desert says:

    Nice to hear from you dear Sister!

    How’s life on your eastern end of the planet?

    Where is our True nature is an excellent question.

    Where do I find it is another one 🙂

    Love & much Light my dear ❤

    • lindenthorp says:

      Hi Giles my dear, Long time! But I’m always following your mails and things seem to be going very well with your beloved followers. Life is busy here as usual in the East, and I’m sorry for my verbal silence over the last few months. I’ve been giving all my attention to writing a spiritual best-seller.
      Anyway, that is more or less finished now and so I’m pitching it with the help of my Hollywood Publishing coach! I’ll let you know what happens.

      Hope the family is well and you are happy in Seattle area!
      Love and smiles
      Yours on the path inside xoxoxoxo

      • new desert says:

        Thanks dear Linden,

        So very nice to hear from you and about your ‘thrilling news.” Not sure if your best-seller is going to be ‘thrilling,’ but since it will be spiritual! The two can go together, right?

        Good luck with its publication and yes, we are doing good here, as spring manifests ‘le bout de son nez’ – the end of its nose. It is obviously a lovely time of the year!

        Love & much Light, my dear ❤

      • lindenthorp says:


        Linden Thorp :
        ‘ Those who are, know. Dedicating ourselves to the silent loving of neighbors and environment and planet Earth is the way to absolute happiness and embodying the great truth.’

      • new desert says:

        Yes, it is, my dear ❤

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