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I am a writer dying to be read!

I want to share with those of you who write as a way of being, and those of you who read as a way of being. I’d like your feedback no matter what it is. I crave your human communication moved in some way by what I scribble or keyboard. I want to interface with you, to book-end, to coalesce with your humanity. So, please comment either in public on-site, or in private (by mail).


So, I will list my works so far, both published and unpublished, and provide short extracts for you to muse upon on a daily basis. I am told by reliable sources that today’s younger people have a shortened attention span and no longer read long works, so I will give you various snacks and tit-bits in the hope of stimulating your appetite for a bigger work. I will plunge you suddenly into the country of my mind and let you struggle a little until you find your way.


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