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Back Camera

An academic comes to Japan and unexpectedly encounters her faith in the mysteries of the universe

Scan 16

A modern-day fable portraying the oppression of the native people of Australia, and their indigenous wisdom

University Textbook

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with intensive listening and vocabulary module on-line

In Progress………

There are presently many works in progress which will be aired on this site. Her 3rd novel, Consolamentum (working title) will be published this coming autumn as an ebook. In through the Body will also be published this year. It is a non-fiction book based on a synthesis of the F.M.Alexander Technique and Buddhist practice.

Scan 19

a synthesis of the Alexander technique and Mahayana Buddhist Practice

Scan 20

A medieval novel of troubadours and Cathars set in Catalonia

Short Stories/creative non-fiction

1986    The Telephone Man
1987    The Poet and the Nurse
1989    Dru and the Blue Chalice
1993    Flamingoes
1997    The Telephone Box
2001    An Audience with the Master
2005   Scorpions
2007   Dad
2008   Consecration
2011    Ram Rock
2012    Spinners
2012    My New Husband Paris
2013    Spinning Songs and Freedom
2013    The Morning Star: Kukai
2013    My path so far
and more……as well as several academic papers.

Internet Sites:

1.    Valid Literature – a writer’s view of the world                  http://www.validlit.

2.    Nirvana Linden – a Mahayana Buddhist website

3.    Study for Life – study skills English site for foreign speakers of English
4.  TouchyourHeart Daily Meditation – secular/sacred reflection site
5.  Nirvana Linden and Linden Thorp timeline at:

About me

I have been writing all of my life. Some children like to colour or draw, but I liked to write. I was fascinated by the symbols and how they could be used. Unfortunately most of my early writings are lost, and many others have been thrown away. But now I realise that it is so important to keep my voice alive, especially as we have the internet.  So, I’ve published two novels and a university textbook recently, and there’s another novel and non-fiction book on the way.

Writing is a part of me because it is almost always undertaken when I am calm and reflective, when I am in full communication with my inner self, my higher self. I also like the idea that reading me is not compulsory. My readers have a choice of where, when and how they read these connections with my inner world. As you can imagine, I am in favour of publishing in as many forms as possible, especially in this digital age. E-books and audio books are definitely on my writer’s horizon too.

I teach others to write formally as a university teacher, so I am rather fussy about mechanical matters like grammar and punctuation. If and when I have to categorize my writing I declare that I am a “literary” writer, conscious of style and audience, endeavouring to write in an ageless, dateless way. I do have very high standards it has to be said because I am deeply inspired by literary idols such as Bronte, Woolf, Sartre, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Camus, Michaels, Schlinke, Sontag, Hesse, Ondaatje, Allende, Rushdie, and many more. It’s not that I’m seeking lasting fame and readership, but simply that written English, as opposed to its many rapidly degenerating spoken forms, is so beautiful. I want to keep it that way. That’s what I mean by ‘literary,’ and I believe that all those who are moved to write can, perhaps with a little guidance, do the same. We have to preserve this amazing heritage for as long as possible, even if wholesale ‘digitization’ looms! We all need to stay pure as writers.

Soon I will put down here my works-to-date list, and my intended works for the next few years, but before I do that I would like to declare openly that I can’t stop writing! I’m in writers’ heaven, courtesy of!! My mind is on fire with new ideas that I’m dying to share with my readers. I only hope I have the right proportions of modesty, talent and insight to stimulate them. And I truly hope they can find me in the haystack! The sporadic deadlines of yesterday have become a smooth surge like a surfer’s prize wave, and I’m riding it.

So, you can be sure that I will confide my quiet and tingling daily thoughts, transformations and passions with you on this site amidst my busy life. Here in Japan life moves at a frantic pace such is the nature of this industrious, ambitious nation that has become my family. But against such an urban and rigorous mosaic, I can use my various devices to be totally alone with my readers on speedy trains and clockwork buses with meticulous timing,  I mostly wrote my first published novel during one year of commuting on my iPad. It is as if one can find a vacuum-sealed space when living in a totally different culture. Inside it there is perfect perspective, a writer’s zen, where you can keep a steady hand and be productive.

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  1. anoops08 says:

    I could learn a lot from your experience as writing. It is indeed very inspiring.

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